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Welcome to Rainbow Atma (my heart's work)

  “Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence” (Levine, 1997). 

Rainbow Atma has developed into an Holistic Trauma Recovery Centre, focussing on transforming one trauma at a time by facilitating growth through trauma. The trauma can be any life event that was traumatic to PTSD, complex trauma, cancer or another life limiting illness that has consumed your life. It would be an honour to support you through to your recovery. I imagine that recovery to some of you may be something you can't quite get your head around at the moment and that's ok. My clients are usually people who have suffered the symptoms of trauma for many years and do find it difficult to really trust they can recover. What I can tell you is that I have witnessed many of these people recover more than they ever imagined and are now leading a more balanced life.

Rainbow Atma believes that many people are looking for change in the way their healing occurs. To do this we need to move away from the biological (physical) model which has a single focus of working on the part that is sick and embrace a mind/body/spirit/environment attitude toward healing. Your environment (field) is extremely important to consider when working from an holistic persepective because if your environment doesn't support your desire to change then we need to look at ways to counter that. How healing is done is in transition! People are taking back the responsibility of their health which is the first step toward empowerment!

We aim to support your healing from the diagnosis you have been given. That could be a mental diagnosis such as PTSD, eating disorders, anxiety/panic attacks or depression. Or you may have a physical diagnosis such as cancer, IBS or any other health issue. If your diagnosis is of a life limiting illness we acknowledge that not everyone survives. As an holistic practice we are willing to have the difficult conversations around death and dying. We will help you prepare for the end of life in the hope that you can die in peace.

We specialize in working with trauma, grief and end of life care. What is clear from woking with many clients is that so many people live their lives with unresolved and more sadly unacknowledged trauma. Often people seek an appointment because of:

Mental health issues such as:

  • suicidal ideation or attempt;
  • depression;
  • PTSD;
  • anxiety;
  • panic attacks;
  • eating disorders; and
  • addictions of all kinds.

Health issues such as:

  • insomnia;
  • IBS;
  • excess weight;
  • chronic fatigue / exhaustion;
  • cancer;
  • chronic illness of all kinds.

Emotional issues such as:

  • overwhelm;
  • stress;
  • bullying (from workplace);
  • domestic abuse;
  • mind control (cults);
  • feeling unhappy / unsatisfied;
  • feeling blocked /stuck in life.

Spiritual issues such as:

  • feeling disconnected;
  • lack of life purpose;
  • aversion to previous faith;
  • searching for meaning; and
  • sense of feeling lost.

We view all of these as symptoms of trauma. Unattended grief or trauma can sit beneath these symptoms.

"Trauma survivors have symptoms instead of memories"

In addition to the above mentioned, we focus on wellness and wellbeing. These words are used so often now that they have lost some of their power. We aim to guide people to health and happiness by planning for their success. We do not offer a diet - we offer lifestyle. We start where you are

What you need to know about Rainbow Atma:

  • We do second (or more) chances;
  • We do faith (in whatever that is for you and me);
  • We do real;
  • We do mistakes;
  • We do I’m sorry;
  • We do loud;
  • We do hugs;
  • We do family and friends;
  • We do fun;
  • We do happiness and we do sadness;
  • We do work and we do play;
  • We do acceptance;
  • We do validation; and
  • We do love.

This centre is based on Buddhist philosophy (as you will see when you come in) and we work with people of any faith or none. This is important because we are of the belief that Spirituality is an often overlooked, yet an essentially important aspect to consider when working with people from an holistic perspective. It doesn't mean you have to have a belief or religion, it's not about dogma.

Rainbow Atma has grown in response to client needs. We continue to create according to what our clients say they want from us. We are always listening and appreciate your input. Help us to understand a little about your situation by completing this short one question surveyRainbow Atma offers a variety of programs, workshops and retreats to support and encourage your change process. Our aim is to work ourselves out of a job! We don't want you to need us forever. We walk with you until you don't need us anymore. Having said that we would love you to stay as part of our community, however that ends up looking.


Our Signature Program

Rainbow Atma's signature program "From Diagnosis To Peace"  was initially created  to support women who had a diagnosis of a life limiting illness. The program has been redesigned and is now focussed on trauma recovery which of course includes the diagnosis of a life limiting illness as well as diagnosis such as PTSD and complex trauma. The program will support recovery from any of the listed conditions above and more. It continues to be a complementary therapy to work along side your chosen medical treatment. Within this program we explore strategies to:

  • Breakthrough the disbelief of the diagnosis of PTSD, complex trauma or a life limiting illness such as cancer;
  • Acknowledge the loss of your normal way of life;
  • Acknowledge the regret of not having a normal life (ie neglect in childhood, abuse);
  • Free yourself from the overwhelming schedule of the medical system and put it all into perspective;
  • Remain empowered and responsible for your own healing within the medical system;
  • Create and accept your new normal;
  • Accept your life fully;
  • Find Peace to either face your life after such an illness or face your death;
  • Dare to dream of your ideal life and start creating it.

Every month I make available a number of free strategy sessions for those who are unsure of how Rainbow Atma can support them. Schedule your Free 1 Hour Strategy Session where together we will identify how we can work together to meet your life goals.

What this Strategy Session is Not!

This session is not a marketing ploy. Well, not totally. Yes it is my way of getting your attention and the most powerful thing this session does for both of us is to connect us without any obligation and gives us a chance to see if we are suitable to work together.

What this Strategy Session Is!

This is a single Free and No Obligation Strategy Session for you to experience how we would work with you. You'll be amazed by how impactful this session can be for you. See what Lee said after her Strategy session, in the Testimonial below.

In this 30 minute Strategy Session, we will:

  • Define clear holistic health and well-being goals;
  • Identify which area of your life needs to be focussed on first;
  • Gain some insight into why you are where you are;
  • Learn some tools you can implement straight away; and
  • By the end of this session you will absolutely know how we can work together to achieve your goals.

This session is best face to face and if this is not possible a skype session can be arranged. Sorry no mobile sessions as that is not good for the health of either of us.

Testimonial I just wanted to let you know how I'm feeling after our chat yesterday. I feel as if I am creating new pathways in my brain already (I stopped myself from writing a but..... phrase. It is early days). Being home alone last night allowed me to reflect on all that we talked about and I feel quite different this morning. I am feeling relaxed and strangely energised. I want this change and I believe that it was never going to happen the way I was going about it on my own. With meeting and connecting with you yesterday I feel hope and confidence that I have discovered the right path to implement real positive change. I understand the journey is going to be slow and needs to be. I have a lifetime of alternate subconscious habit to redirect. Thank you so much and I really look forward to seeing you again.     Lee

All you need to do now is take that first step to sustainable change in your life and book your Free Strategy Session. Once you've booked I'll be in touch to schedule your session and send your pre-session questionnaire. I look forward to meeting you.


Rainbow Atma's Wellness Coaching

Is this you?

Are you frustrated because it’s so difficult to make sustainable changes in your life?

  • You are a woman who has not been able to make lasting changes in your life and you want to.
  • You are looking for better health, happiness and meaning to your life and don’t know where to start.
  • Your are frustrated, feeling stuck and overwhelmed by all the information and choices to become healthy.
  • You don’t feel like anyone hears or understands your needs.
  • You don’t know how to choose who is right for you or who can be trusted to give you what you need.

Most women want to make long lasting changes to their life that will improve their health and well-being and that of their family. Unfortunately, with all of the information that is available it is easy to become overwhelmed and not know what is true and what is hype.

Tried it and it didn’t work!

We often see fad diets, diet supplements, weight loss products, medication that is easily given for very normal emotional states. There seems to be no time for people to be heard in our health system. We are used to looking for quick fixes because our society doesn't support us in listening to our bodies and mind, denying us the time to take rest and rejuvenate. We are no longer skilled at how to care for ourselves.

When faced with overwhelm of information it is really hard to make a choice that you feel fits you perfectly. How can one solution fit every woman when we are all so very different. No wonder many of the products and solutions around just don’t work!

We have all seen different diets work for some and not for others. We meet our unmet needs in ways that aren’t always helpful to our health and wellbeing. Many of us have curled up on the lounge in the evening with some chocolate. This may have given us some form of comfort that we weren’t able to receive in another positive way. How many times have we taken medication because we haven’t felt supported through tough times or haven’t known any other way to deal with hardship. How often are we not even aware that we have a need that is not being met or are having trouble understanding and identifying our feelings? So, what do we do - we distract or ignore ourselves until we become so sick we can’t ignore or distract ourselves anymore.

When only your symptoms are treated without the rest of you being considered, how can you possibly return to a balanced state of health? It just doesn't work and keeps you trapped in the cycle of quick fixes.

What to do!

To truly make long lasting changes there are four things you need to have to give yourself the best possible opportunity for success.

  • First is to find the support that works for you;
  • Second is to find the holistic support to learn the skills and knowledge that will improve your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing;
  • Thirdly to find the support you need to become aware of what it is that is keeping you stuck, and
  • Lastly is to find or use your spiritual alignment to nourish yourself. This doesn’t mean that you have to be religious, it just means finding your connection with Source / Universal energy / Nature / God, whatever name you resonate with. You’ll recognize it when you have joy in your heart, a sense of being at ease and a light, open feeling in your body.

Support is an essential element to make change! Without it you will continue to do the same things you’ve been doing and you will continue to get the same results you always have.

Book in for your Free Strategy Session and make the sustainable change you are seeking.


Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching

Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching

Are you looking for answers to your health and want to live a meaningful life?

Ayurveda is recognized as the oldest system of holistic health care in the world. The basic principles have not changed over thousands of years and are based on the laws of nature that are eternally true. We are part of nature therefore we too are governed by these laws. Ayurvedic medicine works on the root cause of your problems rather than just treating your symptoms. Ayurveda can be used whilst undergoing conventional medical treatments. I am willing to work with your Doctor to maximize your treatment results. Ayurveda is a complete system which is holistic and understands that there are many aspects of our life that contribute towards our sense of health and wellbeing. We consider your mind, body and emotions when working with you.

(Read more ...)
Oncology (cancer) Massage

Oncology (cancer) Massage

Being diagnosed with Cancer or any other life limiting disease is a very confronting time, filled with shock and disbelief. I will discuss with you a plan to assist you manage your medical treatment.

If you are caring for someone with cancer, this massage will also be very beneficial for you. It will give you some much needed space to re-energize and nourish yourself so you can continue to care for your loved one. It is so important that you make some time for yourself when caring for someone with a life limiting illness. I understand how demanding the caring role is.

Our 6 month program Rebuild your Health has been created for people who have completed Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy and are wanting to regain their strength, rebuild their immune system and remove the toxins from their body. (Read more...)



So many times I have heard about the negative experiences people have with counselling. Why is that? While doing some reading for an assignment, I came across this statement from Laura Perls in Gestalt Group Therapy A Practical Guide by Bud Feder, “There are as many Gestalt therapies as there are Gestalt therapists.” Laura Perls was one of the founders of Gestalt Therapy over fifty years ago.

As human beings we are all different and yet in many ways the same. When we come together and meet, we can sense if we are being heard, if we connect with the other or if we miss connecting with one another. Depending on how present to the here and now we are, our interaction can be satisfying or not. This for me answers the question above. As individuals we have developed qualities and sometimes we resonate and sometimes we don’t. I imagine with the negative experiences I hear about, there wasn’t any resonating happening.

I encourage you to shop around until you find someone that you connect with. I would like to offer a free 1 hour strategy session that will give us both an opportunity to see if we sense we resonate with each other. (Read more ...)

Family Constellations

Family Constellations

Family - we all have one. Some are happy, some don't talk to each other, some are separated by long distance, some are geographically close yet never see each other and some of us have never met our parents. As children growing up in a family we learn how to survive in that system. We creatively adjust to ensure our needs are met. These creative adjustments become our embedded patterns. These patterns can serve us when we are younger yet create dysfunction in adult relationships. This dysfunction can manifest as difficulty relating to your partner or your children. These patterns can contribute to self sabotage or limiting beliefs, illnesses or addictions. (Read more ...)  

End of Life Care

Compassionate End of Life Care

Compassionate and contemplative end of life care is an amazing way to support that somtimes difficult part of life. Being able to speak openly about death and dying is not always available within the family yet may be a need of the person who is dying. Having someone that doesn't have the emotional connection of your family who can be fully present with you and hear your questions or concerns, allows you to fully explore whatever you need to without feeling like you are upsetting your family. This by no means takes the place of speaking with you family. (Read more....)

From Diagnosis To Peace

  • From Diagnosis to Peace Free Private Session
  • FREE 1 Hour
  • Private Session
  • In person
  • via Skype
  • In this session we will disscuss strategies that will support you to reach your
  • health and wellbeing goals.
  • No obligation to continue working with me.
  • From Diagnosis to Peace 6 Month Personal Program
  • $390.00/ month 6 month
  • Private Sessions
  • 2 x 1 hour Oncology Massages per month
  • 2 x 1 hour Counselling sessions per month
  • Email access for questions
  • Discount on Rainbow Atma's "From Diagnosis To Peace 5 Day Residential Reteat"
  • 1/2 price Rainbow Atma Workshop of your choice
  • From Diagnosis To Peace 5 Day Residential Retreat
  • $2190 5 Days
  • Accommodation
  • Learn therapeutic meditation
  • Learn some restorative yoga postures
  • Ayurvedic Meals
  • Connect with nature
  • learn ways to balance your life / Group interaction and support

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About Linda

Linda is fiercely committed to guiding women to achieve reduced symptoms of trauma and facilitate their return to a balanced and connected state of mind/body/soul, so they can have the life/business of their dreams and enjoy living a calm and peaceful life filled with the things they love. Linda has 10 years of working with amazing clients with trauma symptoms such as life limiting illnesses, depression, addiction, eating issues, suicidality, insomnia, exiting cults (mind control), abusive relationships and the list goes on. Linda has guided women to achieve remarkable success. Her mission is to help women name the trauma that has not been processed and has either manifested as a symptom such as those mentioned above or may be experienced in their reactions to life situations. Then her commitment is to facilitate their growth through the trauma.

Linda’s path to become a Gestalt Psychotherapist has been unfolding since early childhood where she spent most of that time living in fear. Linda has had her own journey supporting close family members with their cancer experience. Her first encounter was in November 1988 when her daughter was diagnosed with tumours on her retinas (Bilateral retinoblastoma) at the age of 6 months. Due to the disease and treatment her daughter became totally blind at the age of 3. Linda functioned on autopilot for many years, with her life being consumed by fear again. It was during her Gestalt studies that she started to understand the impact of trauma and how it affected her. This gave her great insight and her path was becoming clearer by the moment. Secondly her husband, diagnosed in December 2013 with squamous cell carcinoma in the lymph nodes of the neck. The difference this time was that she felt empowered by knowledge and skills that supported her to help her husband with his cancer. Both her daughter and husband are well. She wrote a comprehensive case study on the treatment she gave her husband complementary to his chosen treatment which she shares with her clients. Linda knows what it is like to be in a minority group and having to fight for her voice. She has called on her resilience and survived. Not only has she survived, she has thrived and now after being committed to her own trauma therapy she works to help others grow through their trauma.

Linda says "I have experienced being stuck yet wanting to make long lasting changes to my physical, mental and emotional health and I have wanted to improve the health of my family. I have been consumed by the diagnosis of cancer and sat in isolation while wrestling with surviving this life challenge. I have avoided connecting with the trauma and shock of a diagnosis of cancer. AND I have experienced going From Diagnosis To Peace! These lived experiences along with the education that I have attained is what informs me in supporting you with your life challenge. I am passionate about the service I provide and feel honoured to be able to do the work my heart desires".

Linda specializes in trauma and grief therapy. She also loves working with end of life care and spiritual care with the dying. She has trained as an amicus (friend of the dying) and has been a Family Support Volunteer with Karuna Hospice since 2007. Check out her qualifications here.


If this resonates with you, book a FREE 1 hour Strategy Session and find out how you can work together with Linda to meet your goals.



Customer testimonials

Free Strategy Session

" I just wanted to let you know how I'm feeling after our chat yesterday. I feel as if I am creating new pathways in my brain already. (I stopped myself from writing a but..... phrase, like it's early days). Being home alone last night allowed me to reflect on all that we talked about and I feel quite different this morning. I am feeling relaxed and strangely energised. I want this change and I believe that it was never going to happen the way I was going about it on my own. With meeting and connecting with you yesterday I feel hope and confidence that I have discovered the right path to implement real positive change. I understand the journey is going to be slow and needs to be. I have a lifetime of alternate subconscious habit to redirect. Thank you so much and I really look forward to seeing you again. "

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